Olga Kozlova signs her artwork with a graphic rendering of her initials that encapsulates in the strength of its apparent simplicity the very essence of her art. The pointy K  echoes the vigorous movement of her brush and the straightforward color scheme while the rounded O is reminiscent of the underlying concept of balance and harmony. Olga steers voluntarily clear of categorization and of what she experiences as the trap of artistic genre. Her creativity requires an art space beyond academic borders. Painting on canvas as well as on fibre glass, mixing oil paint and spray cans to obtain the perfect hue and exploring abstract as well as figurative art, Olga is a versatile and yet perfectly recognizable artist who never loses touch with herself.

Frontiers and their counterpart of challenging and overcoming them play a center stage role in Olga’s portfolio. Her figurative artwork tends to incorporate stylized figures in an environment of saturated colors and vigorous lines. The viewer is drawn into Olga’s paintings by the unveiled emotions they conjure. A line of refugees against barbed wire leaves room for the viewer to imagine the very feelings their faceless silhouettes do not reveal. Generously sized color blocks are balanced by vigorous brush strokes convey an impression of movement. Olga’s painting are no pale stills. They are vigorous and dynamic all while resonating with a restrained sensitivity.