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New work, took some time to finish. That is another variation on lost balance series but makes me think of poppy flowers, fighting with the wind or rain or each other.

Nice’s Up-and-coming artist Olga Kozlova by NR, Riviera Insider Tue, 04/12/2018 – 18:23 “Olga Kozlova is a young abstract artist based in Nice, but unlike many other budding creatives following the ‘starving artist’ path, she works full-time at a tech company in Sophia Antipolis. In fact, she has a PhD in Computer Science, with a focus on artificial intelligence. It’s perhaps a surprising field for a painter, but Olga enjoys moving between the very different worlds of analytical precision and artistic expression. She says she has always felt freest when expressing herself through art.”  

I called this painting “Angry thoughts” but people insists it is a space with exploding stars or a exploding volcano. Ok, let it be exploding.

    What does it mean loosing balance? Being yourself or being social.

Latest work exploring dichotomy using complementary colors and a play of colorful drops on a relief of sand and modeling paste. It is a vision of a dialog moving back and forth, changing opinion, searching for the consensus.

 Fiberglass posters on black frame.  

A mover told me he saw a sunset over the sea, a river and the crying sky on that painting. The guy has a bursting imagination.  

  The three horizon versions are now exposed in Hanna-Logis agency in Juan-les-Pins     

  Is it just a dead fish heading into the past… or some colourful trick on the summer beach